Delta Dental Academy: dental courses for professionals

Delta Dental Academy offers dental courses for all professional needs and interests.
Delta Dental Academy goal is to bring useful and predictable knowledge to their students. The teachers of Delta Dental Academy have solid professional experience and want to bring a unique and useful experience for the post-graduate professional in dentistry. Lecturing is based on theory and hands-on approach in order to make learning as practical an useful as possible.

Courses for dentists

In our courses we teach practical concepts that can be used in the daily professional routine immediately. We want our attendees to become confident with the techniques we teach, so that they can work better starting immediately.

Hands on Training

At Delta Dental Academy we offer hands-on training with the chance to work on patients: we believe the the combination of theory and practice is the most effective way to learn.

Top class teachers

Our courses are hosted by famous world-class teachers, who lecture all around the world: among the many speakers and teachers are also members of Style Italiano Endodontics, the well renown group of world class endodontists and Key Opinion Leaders working with famous brands like Straumann.

Practical sessions on patients

Many courses at Delta Dental Academy, like the Dental Implant Fundamentals and the 10 Days Endodontics Courses, have dedicated practical sessions on patients. Attendees will practice the learned procedures directly in studio on patients under the supervision of the teachers.
Whenever practicing on patients is not possible, our teachers tries to host practical hands-on sessions on training devices or models in order to always make as useful for the daily practice the informations thought during the lessons.

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Patient Referrals at Delta Dental Academy

At the Delta Dental Academy we understand how important your patients are to you. When referring implant and endodontic cases to us, you can rest assured that your patients will receive a personalised service that guarantees the highest level of care and attention, always!

Committed to working in partnership with the referring dentist, we will keep you informed about the planned treatment and its progression, and patients will be returned to you as soon as possible.

Refer a patient

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