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Master MTA - Course in a box

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Master MTA - Course in a box

An innovative way to learn and practice

Sooner or later, all dentists will have to face a iatrogenic error and you will have to find a solution for your patient! MTA is a very interesting material for solving errors and iatrogenic mistakes. It’s incredibly well known in literature and with the right protocols and set of tools it can become a great solution for a lot of endodontics issues.

In this innovative Course in a box you will know what MTA is and how you should properly use. Join Massimo Giovarruscio and Riccardo Tonini, Style Italiano Endodontics Gold Members, and learn through their clinical examples how versatile and useful MTA is.

Then, follow Riccardo Tonini’s examples in the “hands on” part and try yourself with the tools you find in the Training box.


Course Contents

In the box

Items included in the box

  • 4 envelopes of MTA

  • Distilled water

  • Deppeler Prexo

  • Spatola

  • Microbrushes

  • MAP System M1 conformation

  • Curette to clean MAP System

  • 8 plungers for MAP System

  • 2 teeth of the MiTiCa kit

  • Sponges (matrix simulators)

  • Justool Plano, the Endodontic organizer


Course Outline

19 videos (Duration 108m 3s)

  • Introduction
  • What are bioceramics
  • MTA
  • How to manage a perforation
  • Clinical case: retreatment
  • Clinical case: iatrogenic error
  • Decision making process
  • Clinical case: unexpected canal
  • Restoration timing
  • Perforations: take home message
  • Wide apexes management
  • Apical plug
  • How to manage extrusions
  • Clinical case: apical plug
  • Complications
  • Deliver MTA
  • Clinical case: short and long roots
  • Clinical case: molar with long roots
  • Conclusions


6 videos (Duration 46m 30s)

  • Inside the box
  • Assemble the MAP System
  • Floor perforation
  • Apical plug
  • Disassembling
  • Conclusions

Course Leaders

Massimo Giovarruscio

Dr. Massimo Giovarruscio is a highly skilled professional, with extensive experience in endodontics, restorative and aesthetic dentistry.

With over 19 years experience in dentistry, he has developed his reputation within the profession as an excellent clinician, endodontist and postgraduate lecturer.

Active member of the European Society of Endodontology and active member of the Italian Society of Endodontics.

Massimo is recognized by his colleagues for his exceptional talent, professionalism and for his innovative and proactive approach.


Riccardo Tonini

At 2007, he carried out his Master degree from university of Verona (Italy) in Endodontics.

His scientific work includes publications, continuous participations in national and international meetings and teaching experience in Italy (university of Brescia). Since 2010 he is an active member of the Italian Society of Endodontics and the Italian Society of Microscopic dentistry. He is also a member of Style Italiano study club.

He is the inventor of ProTrain®, and has collaborated for several other innovations in dental industry. Dr Tonini maintains Private Practice limited in Endodontics for the last five years in Brescia, Italy.


Enrolment Fee

£390 + VAT

  • Training box included
  • Duration: 2h 31m 43s
  • 25 Videos included
  • On-demand video 24/7

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