Oral Surgery for GDP's

Oral surgery is an essential part of the General Dental Practitioners repertoire. We are seeing an ever increasing ageing population with multiple comorbidities and coupled with high expectations of treatment.
Atraumatic and bone preserving exodontia is critical to healing and rehabilitation of patients. This course aims to review basic exodontia techniques and introduce the bone preserving techniques which should be at the forefront of clinical practice; including the use of piezoelectric surgery to ensure rapid and predictable healing.
Consent, medical considerations and novel techniques such as PRF will also be discussed.

Course Aim
With a combination of didactic teaching, case selection, discussions and a practical hands on element on animal tissue candidates will have the opportunity to employ the atraumatic and bone preserving extraction techniques.
This will allow candidates to have a better understanding of the procedures and be able to introduce them to their clinical practice.
Referral of appropriate patients and recognition/awareness of ones limitations will be discussed.

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Learning Objectives
• Appreciate the importance of case selection, both surgically and medically
• Understand the healing process and factors which affect this following exodontia
• Understand the armamentarium required to carry out effective exodontia
• Recognise common complications associated with exodontia
• Appreciate advanced techniques and referral cases

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