Master MTA

This comprehensive hands-on course will take you through all the aspects needed to simplify the use of MTA in endodontics. MTA is considered the gold standard bioactive material used for sealing and filling permanently many types of Endodontic complications. In just one day, you will learn protocols and techniques that can be immediately applied during dayily professional routine. Book your seat and build confidance in treating complex endodontic complications like floor perforation, open apex, wide canal or pulp capping.

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January 2020

25th January 2020

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• Understand MTA and Bioceramic materials
• How to prepare MTA in the best way
• How to perform a pulp capping
• How to repair root canal perforations
• How to repair chamber perforations
• How to fill wide apices
• How to do a 3mm apical plug
• How to apply MTA in curved canals


Dr. Riccardo Tonini

Expert in:
Endodontics, Micro Surgery

Courses by this teacher: 1

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