Dental Implant Fundamentals Course

The Dental Implants Fundamentals Course introduces you to the world Dental Implant Training with an experienced clinician who will combine theory with hands-on exercises to guide you through the different steps of the implant treatment workflow and help you to become more involved in placing or restoring dental implants.
This is a comprehensive introduction to Surgical and Restorative dentistry. Each delegate is given the opportunity to place 3 implants in a patient that is provided by the course, to experience placement in Straightforward indications including single tooth and edentulous arch. The restorative module also includes treating patients and you will experience impression taking and the fitting of the implant structure.

Seats per edition


Active Editions



December 2019

Module 1: 12-13-14 December 2019
Module 2: 9-10 Januarty 2020
Module 3: 5-6 March 2020
Module 4: 2-3 April 2020
Module 5: 28-29 May 2020


Dr. Alfonso Rao

Expert in:
Implantology, Prosthesis

Courses by this teacher: 3

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